Australia's Funny T shirt Apparel is here!
Australia's Offensive Clothing Line has landed 
A great history of “relax and humorous culture”, this is where Sweet As Clothing come in. We have created a platform where you can be yourself and also proudly represent the “Aussie way of living”

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Fashion is life.

 It is an excellent way of expressing yourself. You can express your thoughts, tastes, culture, personality, beliefs, and even your social status too. It is therefore an important communication tool. Your choice of fashion can actively influence the impression you get from people. In other words, what you wear, tells who you are.

Unlike other clothing, T-shirts give you that freedom to print messages that speak directly to people, either through words, images, or symbols. These expressions can be funny, offensive, weird, show support, or solidarity and they either attract or drive away people.

Wearing a funny t-shirt in Australia or holding a funny mug in some cafeteria can make you stand out from the crowd. There is no chance that people won’t notice you. The messages they convey are certain to make people stare and become curious.

Imagine you’re wearing a t-shirt with an inscription “Your Car Sucks”, you’re telling car owners that their car sucks and whenever you walk past, there’s surely got to be a stare from car owners. This makes you stand out from others just because of the message your shirt conveys.

A man walks into the mall and sees an old woman wearing a t-shirt with the message “Forget the Wrinkles, I’m Only 19”. He and everyone would surely laugh and she’ll surely cause a stir. Or a shirt that says “Don’t Make Me Add You To The List” and you’ll be like what list? These expressions are good enough to start up a conversation.

Originality is the best form of expression which is why at Guerrilla Tees, we’ve put together a collection of funny mugs and tees designs to bring you nerdy, quirky, humorous, and cheeky emotions and spice up those moments with friends and strangers through crazy conversation or possibly infuriate others.

Be yourself with our collection of offensive t-shirts and funny mugs designs.

If you love your custom design that speaks to people, you’re in the right place. With your customized t-shirts, you spread the humor across just by wearing these funny t-shirts in Australia without you needing to say a word.

So, whether you want a humorous t-shirt, an offensive t-shirt to get your message across, or clothing that reflects who you are, Guerrilla Tees got you covered.

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