5 Great Reasons People Wear Funny T Shirts

Funny T-Shirts are back in style and more popular than ever. They are no longer just for men or kids; every Aussie owns at least one for days they feel free. Regardless of what the message is, there are several great reasons people wear funny t-shirts. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Why Do People Wear Funny T-Shirts?

Funny t-shirts are great for attracting positive attention, express who you are, and much more. Here are five main reasons people wear funny t-shirts, though there are plenty more.

To Make A Statement

The biggest reason you’d wear a funny t-shirt is to make a statement. It’s all about standing out from the crowd and making your voice heard. What better way to do so than with a shirt that has a funny saying on it? Let’s face it, Aussies love a great sense of humour, and we love to get our point across. Funny t-shirts are such an easy way to accomplish both!

Conversation Starter

There’s no easier way to break the ice with people than with a funny t-shirt. When you see someone wearing a shirt like this, you can’t avoid reading what it says. If the saying is funny enough, it can make you forget everything at that time and just relish in a moment of laughter.


Also, the simple fact is, laughter is a great way to draw people to you. Inspiring laughter in others not only makes their day, but it makes you happy as well. So, wearing funny t-shirts is a great way to start conversations with people, and even make some new friends along the way.

Be Bold

Are you one of those people who like to be bold and stand out among the crowd? Funny t-shirts make this happen. Rather than wearing something dull and expected, why not wear a shirt that says something like “FU Mate.” The boldness will make people laugh, and they may even want to ask you where to buy one too!

Humour Makes You Likeable

One of the easiest ways to make new friends is via humour. According to science, humour makes you more likable! So, when you openly advertise “hey, I’m funny,” it will get you noticed. Don’t believe us? If you had to choose between being stuck on an island with a funny person or someone with no sense of humour, who would you choose? Funny t-shirts show that you’re that kind of person that is never boring.


Any book that explains how to win friends lists having a sense of humour as a main characteristic. If you think about it, the funniest people usually have the largest circle of friends.

Builds Trust

It’s proven that those who have a sense of humour are considered more trustworthy than other average people. In general, those who are funny are viewed as intelligent. Think about it, when you can make someone laugh, it tends to break the walls down and helps strengthen relationships.

Funny T Shirts for Aussies

In the end, humour shows who you are and makes a conversation feel comfortable right away. You should never try to be someone you are not. If you have a sense of humour and want to share it with the world, stop faffing around! Get some funny Aussie t-shirts today!